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A good day

My colleagues gave me my birthday present today as I have tomorrow off. I had to share it as its so wonderful. It’s a tray:
I just love it!

I took our guests to Clarks Village shopping outlet in Street today. They were in shopping heaven! I left them to it and had a mooch about. I treated myself to a green blue Nica handbag πŸ˜„
It’s my favourite size and shape. And colour! With a long enough strap! I do love bags but I’m pretty brutal about not buying ones that aren’t completely practical. So this is a real find πŸ˜„

9 thoughts on “A good day

    • Thank you very much. I treated myself as I have to have a cross body bag as my back won’t allow me to tote around fashionable bag. I was I delighted to see something beautiful and practical! A very nice 41st birthday present πŸ™‚


  1. Happy Birthday! I assumed it was either today or over the weekend and so decided on a sooner rather than later approach πŸ˜€ Hope you have a wonderful day. I like the tray.

    The bag is fab. I’m not a big shopper where shoes and handbags are concerned – my last bag (from Harrods no less but bought on sale) lasted me 9 years and was looking more than a little battered when Eldest Mudlet gave me a new one for my last birthday.

    Glad your guests are having fun.


    • Thank you! It is today. I’m 41. I distinctly remember thinking when I was 16 and my Mum was 41 that is was SO old. Ha. It’s not.
      I love bags but I don’t buy them. I have a really problematical back combined with an old ankle injury. I mostly go round with a backpack with a little handbag tucked inside; one I can wear across me if I want to leave the pack pack in the office/ car etc. This *pretty* one was a find!


  2. happy birthday! I hope you have a great day – seems like it is off to a good start with presents, new handbags, and happy visitors. πŸ™‚ Saw the post about your age – I remember as a kid figuring out that I would be 41 in 2000 (yes, I am a lot older than you!) and thinking that I would probably not still be alive, because that was pretty old. Glad I was wrong! Now I know that 90 is old, and everything before that is young. πŸ™‚


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