And relax

Our guests have been safely taken to Heathrow; everything we have borrowed and loaned out this week for various family parties has been returned to its proper place. The house is tidy upstairs and passable downstairs. D is threatening to do the washing up; I’ve said if he does I’ll hoover; then we’re going to sit in front of the TV and do nothing. Well he might listen to the Manchester United match on Five Live. Cheese & biscuits for dinner (leftovers from yesterday). I’m going to tackle weeks 11 and 12 of the CAL. D isn’t working tonight so a rare night in together nice and cozy as its raining here in Somerset. Tonight is for being lazy. Tomorrow D is back at work and I must block my sister’s birthday cardigan…

7 thoughts on “And relax

    1. I hope you live in a large house with possible break out zones!I can’t imagine but I do live in a very small house. My Dad & stepmother are visiting in a few weeks time and they will have to have our bedroom.


      1. Haha yes, sort of. Will alcohol help or cause arguments?! Its always the latter in my family!! I adore my parents but that’s a lot of time… How does your partner feel?!


      2. Well – he is moving out of his bedroom to accomodate them…but is happy to do so as it gives them a bathroom, a balcony to sit on and a bit more room than the usual guest room. I have a great phone relationship with them which sort of gets spoilt when I see them! We’ll see 🙂


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