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Updating the Ravelry stash…

…Took me ages. I am mildly embarrassed at how much yarn I now have. I had quite a lot before my current updating. I took screen shots so I could show you. The husband actually rolled his eyes (rude!) when I showed it to him.


As I’m very lucky to have all this lovely stuff and I’ve seen other people do this, I’ve decided to do a giveaway! This lovely Noro Silk Garden Lite is available.
Just tell me you’d like it and mid week I’ll use a random number generator to pick the recipient!

10 thoughts on “Updating the Ravelry stash…

  1. I definitely like! Don’t feel bad, most of the yarn you have is yarn for projects, and project materials don’t count as “stash”.


    • Sadly Kathryn, all that Cashmerino was speculative rather than with something in mind. I do want to make a blanket for our bed but my husband asked that it was shades of purple and lilac to match the soon to be decor! Oh well!


      • Oh, I would make it anyway. When it gets cold, who cares what colour the blanket is, as long as it’s warm? It can be your happy blanket to curl up in on a dreary day. I’ve been thinking about starting another blanket myself, the tough part is choosing a pattern!


  2. I want!

    And I am amazed at how organized you are to get this all on ravelry. I only put yarn on there when I am entering a project. πŸ™‚ I don’t want ot think about how much is really in that closet upstairs!


    • I discovered the stash function about a year ago and it’s brilliant for knowing what you’ve got. I’m only disciplined enough to put on good stuff – I’m not wasting my time on random balls of acrylic… Definitely recommend it!


  3. That yarn is gorgeous! Please sign me up! Also your Ravelry pages look great, so organised! I’m very jealous of all those lovely yarns to turn into projects! πŸ™‚


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