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CAL – week 13

This week’s rows:

Mollie admiring it laid out…
Yes I know I haven’t sewn the ends in for three (maybe four) weeks. I’m doing it now!

I think one more week should see it 8 year old niece sized and suitable for a long haul flight. 😄

8 thoughts on “CAL – week 13

  1. WOW, it is looking amazing! I just cannot make something like that because I’ll obsess over the colors to use and it’ll look purposeful and not random which defeats the purpose. Gorgeous blanket.


    • Thank you very much. I picked a core set of colours but I’ve also used odd bits I had as well. I didn’t set a colour plan so it did look a bit random. I’m really pleased with it. 😄


    • Thanks. It’s not really skill, just following instructions and bodging it when I realise I’m 4 stitches down…. Yes I think she’ll like it particularly with the wavy border I’m going to put on! I’m going to give it to her for Christmas with a view to her using it on the plane when we go to Australia next year. It’s currently the size of a lap blanket.


  2. Claire, it is so pretty! Wavy border is a great idea – since, if yours is anything like mine, the edges are a bit wavy to start with. 🙂 You won;t know what to do with yourself next Saturday, you know. 🙂


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