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Rabbiting on

In the last few days Kathryn and I have exchanged comments about our rabbits. I have posted about Flora and Arnold before but not often. Here are a few pictures taken this morning after I’d cleaned their space and before they started to trash it again…

They’re outside rabbits. I’d intended Arnold, when we got him, to be a house rabbit but Mollie was terrified of him even though we did all the proper introductions and I was concerned she might do something to him. So we bought an extra large hutch & run and rescued Flora from our local rabbit rescue. We constantly change their environment so it’s stimulating and interesting for them (we strongly support the RWA’s ‘A Hutch Is Not Enough’ campaign). Next year I plan to buy a Runaround system to attach to the current bunny palace.

Anyway, today’s new item is a banana box, nice tough cardboard. Last week after my birthday we had 3 or 4 paper bags that I put herbs or veg at the bottom and stuffed hay on top, and they loved getting in the bags, tearing holes in them and so on.

This is our set-up; 3 storey hutch with a nice large run. Currently with Perspex cover on as its going to rain.

It’s a box!







And little Arnold


5 thoughts on “Rabbiting on

  1. Nice hutch, those bunnies live better than I do! They are very beautiful and I do detect some attitude in Miz Flora’s expression. Simone is an indoor bunny and she has her own room.


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