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Child labour

My 11 year old nephew is saving up for a Play Station. In order to raise the funds he is doing jobs for family members and I had said I would pay him £20 for mowing the lawn and weeding the flower beds. This is a fairly reasonable price – I reckoned it would be about 3 to 3.5 hours work, which works out as roughly minimum wage. Not bad for an 11 year old. Today was the designated day for the work to be done and my husband was the responsible adult… I was at work!

As the grass was so long we knew it would need two mows. I had a text message about 11am proving all was proceeding as planned:

The two lads clearly had a brilliant time once some of the work was done, having pizza for lunch and watching TV. I had asked the husband to check the weeding was done and he assured me he had. I got home to discover that all the dandelions had been carefully weeded and all the other ones left! Proving neither of them have any idea what’s a weed and what isn’t!

So, I set to and showed my nephew what to pull out and what to leave. We then mowed the lawn again, gave my courgette a haircut on the advice of the Landrover Owner’s Wife:

Potted up my birthday fuschia, given to me by Dilly the spangold:
who dug up my previous one. This is the new one:

Then we tidied up, deadheaded the strawberry plant and had a sit down. Having done a full day at work with a Curves session at lunchtime and then two hours in the garden I was exhausted but my nephew then volunteered to Hoover the floor! I gave him a pound for his efforts. The husband then took him down to the chip shop to get some chips for dinner, which was new to him as his mother, my sister, doesn’t do takeaway food! He was very happy.

This is the garden right now:
I’m very pleased. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

Then the icing on the cake was when my friends Sam and Josh sent a text a little earlier offering to take Mollie for a walk up Cley Hill (a local beauty spot which I haven’t been up for years as its quite steep! In fact I think the last time was 10 years ago, just after Damon and I met.) with their lurcher Bentley. I gratefully accepted as I was feeling rather exhausted after the gardening. 😄 She’s just left without a look back!

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