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I’ll get the sad stuff out the way first. Dear little Arnold died of a congenital condition, probably heart failure, brought on by being overbred or inbred (not sure which). The vet said it was like miniature pigs, they live half or a third of the life span of a regular pig because of the way they’re bred. It’s good to know but doesn’t make it any less sad. He’s been sent off to be cremated and then we’ll put him in the garden. We didn’t want to bury him because my friend did that with her rabbit and a fox or badger dug it up. Horrible and upsetting.

We now have to think about Flora, who came straight from her brothers and sisters to live with Arnold when she was 8 weeks old in May 2010 (she was in a rescue – the owners of her parents had had one unexpected litter, didn’t separate the parents and had another litter immediately afterwards, and then dumped the whole lot on the rescue…). Rabbits don’t like to be on their own so we need to find her a new friend. This seems a bit quick, but I’ve taken advice from our friend who runs the rabbit rescue and she said relatively quickly, so on the 13th when we go to a conference she’ll be going to the rescue and hopefully meet a lonely neutered male bun who needs a home! So hopefully we’ll be bringing two home on the 19th! Despite myself, that is something to look forward to.

This week I have discovered something about myself – grief does not engender a desire to craft as I haven’t done any knitting since Saturday and that is a LONG gap for me. Instead I read obsessively (Ngaio Marsh) or played games on my phone. However I’ve decided I will this evening and I’m going to crack on with Trillian 2 which is now officially too big to be carted round as a handbag project.

I mentioned before that I had decided to copy The Landrover Owners Wife and get a copy of the pattern she’s knitting for herself (read her post about it here) and make a version for my sister. The pattern arrived and I am BUSTING to cast on. But I am being firm with myself – I am saving it for my holiday to Exmouth in October when I plan to do NOTHING but knit. Plus I have other things to finish!

4 thoughts on “Bits & pieces

  1. Oh, Claire. It seems soon, but you will love the new bunny. When I lost my old cat 18 months ago, I thought I would not want any more cats for at least a few months. A week later I told A we were going to get our kittens. I just hated the way the house felt, so empty. I loved them instantly, as you will your new bunny.


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