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Lazy Saturday

So, I did in the end get dressed, mostly because I was cold. Plus I’d split broccoli & Stilton soup on my dressing gown and I was starting to look like an extra from Shameless. I did however manage to stay in it until 2pm, so that’s good going. (I haven’t brushed my hair though, so the slovenliness is continuing.)

It occurred to me this morning as I caught up with everyone’s blogs, that all of your photos always look lovely. I try and arrange my photos to look lovely but they’re carefully taken… I am sure that you all live in houses that are tidy, clean, full of tasteful well placed crafts, and probably smell delicious too. Unlike my house, which while mostly clean and occasionally tidy, always teeters on the edge of chaos. I think this is because while we like it tidy, neither of us are neat people; we’re both busy with full time jobs, and serious extra curricular stuff, when we get in we want to knit (me) or watch football/TV (him). Our present keeping the house clean and tidy system is to have a list of jobs that need to be done and we both have to tick one off on our days off. I haven’t done mine yet 😄 though I have done some washing. So, in a spirit of honesty here’s the table beside the sofa that I use…
Yes, that is the ironing pile in the background. The ironing is the husband’s job alongside the washing up. (I do the cooking and the garden.) One of his more annoying habits is to bring it downstairs, sort it out and then leave it for days, or until I take it back upstairs.

I’ve spent all day crocheting the border onto my CAL blanket. Mollie was keen to help… image and sat on the bag with the blanket balanced on top, so it all fell on top of her. It’s now covered in dog hair and as you can see from her face, she is feeling very put upon.

And Strictly is back on again tonight!

14 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. Lol, much to Muds’ constant annoyance, it is impossible to have a neat and tidy house when you have an active very-nearly-7-year old whose whole purpose in life, it seems, is to proceed at whirlwind speeds, through every room in the house, leaving in her wake a trail of chaos and destruction 🙂

    As for Middle Mudlet, it would appear that she likes to play with every single toy she owns, in one sitting and possesses the ability to walk away from her game without seeing the need to tidy the aforementioned toys away. Consequently her bedroom floor rarely sees the light of day between vacuumings 🙂

    We’re watching Strictly on iPlayer tomorrow as Middle Mudlet, much to the delight of Mud and I, has been asking for months if she can watch the last night of the proms. She watched the ‘Wallace and Grommit Childrens Prom’ last year and thoroughly enjoyed it and Mud and I are of the opinion that this is the sort of request you can’t ignore and a potential interest that should be fostered 🙂


  2. Oh, I had to laugh at you thinking all of our hoses are so neat and perfect. I can;t tell you the number of times i have had to clear a space on the table or seriously crop a photo to edit out the clutter. it is a never ending battle. 🙂


  3. My home looks just like yours, don’t worry. Lots of laundry and clutter and yarn and dog hair. It doesn’t bother me TOO much unless it starts to get dirty as well as messy — then it’s time to get my boyfriend to do his chores and make myself do my own. 🙂


  4. Just like my house; if it’s a horizontal surface it has stuff on it! Actually DH has been on a tear lately cleaning out the garage, basement, our bedroom, and the laundry room. it’s making my craft room look even shabbier!


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