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Ah the pleasure of a lazy Saturday morning. I’m intending to wear my dressing gown all day if I can get away with it. It’s been a busy week of ups and downs; I’ve travelled up to London twice (and twice more next week), learned new things, had to manage a mini crisis and done, for me, hardly any crafting! Need to get my time management sorted…

This is the view from my back door this morning.
The garden is a bit overgrown but it’s looking happy after all the rain. My courgette has rather given up and I’m going to compost it, but one of the tomatoes is going red so maybe I might get one or two that aren’t tiny and green. I’ve decided next year I’m going to grow courgettes and maybe a squash of some variety rather than tomatoes. Mostly because I don’t like the smell of tomato plants… I’ve got a really nice man who runs a gardening company that does the big jobs in the garden and I’m going to talk to him about a raised bed. I’d like this to fit round a tunnel system I want to buy the bunnies, so probably a job for early next year.

And talking of bunnies, Flora is fine. She seems ok in herself and is eating as heartily as ever. It’s interesting, she’s always been the most opinionated rabbit, who likes to rearrange her environment, so we tended to blame her for things that happened. Like weeing in the hay tray or the corner of the hutch. Turns out she is entirely litter tray trained and only uses the litter tray. So she’s been unfairly blamed for years! We heard from the rabbit rescue yesterday that they currently have two lonely male bunnies who may be a suitable friend for her, a Rex and a Lop. I am determined she gets to pick and my choice doesn’t come into it, but I must admit I’d love a Lop! She goes to stay at the rescue from next Friday onwards for 6 days.

Today I am intending to do as little as possible. I’ve decided my CAL blanket is now big enough for my niece and am crocheting on a simple border. Pictures later! I’m then going to crochet a scarf for my middle stepson in these colours. image
He asked me to knit him a scarf earlier in the year because he lost the previous one I made him. As it was knit in pure wool on 3mm needles in a complicated twisted rib that took me ages and in a boring khaki green colour that drove me demented I was just *delighted* to hear that! So nice and easy crochet this time, with stash yarn. I like the way the grey, which will be the least used colour, lifts the black and multicoloured yarn. I think I’m going to crochet it longways, but I don’t know yet! I’ve got a new audio book and all day…!

Hope you’re all having a happy weekend. X

8 thoughts on “Tranquility

  1. A raised bed!!! [swoon] That’s a fabulous idea. We haven’t had any proper rain for at least a week and my garden needs it. Tap water just isn’t the same. Yesterday, we got about an hour of that fine drizzle stuff that soaks everything but doesn’t seep into the ground! Was hardly worth the effort really.

    Glad you’re getting a chance to put those feet up and I can’t wait to see the finished blanket πŸ™‚


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