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I broke my no yarn pledge – but I can explain…

Yes, I broke my no yarn buying pledge. You see, it was like this. Yesterday I was in London for a meeting. I had my email from work accessible on my iPad. I had pieces of work I wanted to do, but I’d got through them on the train to London. At 2pm, when the meeting was over and I’d polished off any e-mails while I ate my lunch I had no no correspondence whatsoever to deal with and nothing work related I could do remotely without various files. And my train left at 4.30. I hadn’t bought a book or my knitting with me because yesterday was a work day and normally I end up lugging them round and not using them.

I was in Westminster. I realised that three stops up on the Circle line towards Paddington was Sloane Square, home to the Peter Jones store, with a good yarn selection and definitely worth a good wander round the rest of the store too.

Now, I could have bought a book and not broken my pledge but I rationalised that I was going to spend about the same amount, I have a lot of books I haven’t read (and yes ok a lot of yarn I haven’t used) so better buy something I could turn into a Christmas present…

So I did. I bought some Sirdar crofter and a crochet hook and started another cosy scarf. My yarn purchase did in the end cost the same as a book and I resolutely ignored the yarns I love, including the yarn I want to buy to make something for me! I looked at them, I considered breaking the pledge dramatically, but I didn’t.

So, not good to break the no yarn pledge, but hopefully I won’t have to again as I intend to never visit the Metropolis without a yarn based project in my bag!

3 thoughts on “I broke my no yarn pledge – but I can explain…

  1. I sympathise, I don’t think I could have resisted, well done you for choosing something productive. When you think about it, when it’s for a gift you’ve basically saved money right?


  2. I think you have justified it – you did not buy yarn, you bought a present for someone. šŸ™‚ I love how many yarn stores there seem to be in the UK. I wish our big boxes weren’t killing all of ours.


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