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A tale of two scarves

I’ve been to a conference in Glasgow. This is how much of Glasgow I saw:
Which as you’ve probably guess is the view out of my hotel room window… I caught a cold, went to about a million meetings (exaggerate, moi?), gave training, chaired a couple of events, felt rough, so ran on adrenaline and caffeine, and generally had a pretty good time all in.

We got back to discover Flora had beaten up her prospective boyfriend so many times during the match-up that the very experienced rabbit rescue owner said she thought Flora needed to be an only rabbit. So Flo is back with us, with a horrible hole in her side which she received when they had their last big fight, and destined to be single unless she mellows with age….

So, in the midst of all this activity I’ve been working on the two crochet scarves. One in the bits from my stash:

And one in the pledge breaking Sirdar crofter:

They’re mindless and I’m enjoying them. It’s 8.20pm and I’m in bed with my crochet & an audio book. 😄

10 thoughts on “A tale of two scarves

  1. I m sorry you didn’t get to see more of Glasgow, but I hope that the conference was good. Bet you are glad to be home in your own bed with your crochet hook. rest up and feel better. PS the scarves are fun! Great idea for stash busting. I like that you are going witht he long row direction, rather than the short row direction.


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