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A bandana for Annie

A good few months ago my friend E, who lives in the US, and I had a conversation on Facebook about matching human and dog jumpers. Yes, seriously. Someone has written a pattern and more importantly someone has knitted them… Now, I love getting nice coloured collars for Molls but E likes dressing her pretty black & white terrier Annie up in outfits. Apparently Annie likes this. I reckon Annie likes the many treats she is bribed with… Anyway I categorically stated I would under no circumstances knit a matching jumper set, but matching shawls (for humans) and bandanas (dogs) would be fun. We agreed we’d make them for each other, using the same pattern (we chose Trillian) but the yarn would be a surprise. E said she liked bright colours… I think Trillian 2 covers that! And now I need to make Annie’s bandana. I was going to just knit a mini Trillian, but I think it needs to be symmetrical,so I’m doing a completely plain Little Rain Clouds, to which I will add the Trillian border 😄. When I get to the correct size I’m going to sew a pop fastener to the outer edges so it stays on.

Here’s the start:

And when I’ve done this I am going to cast on my godson’s Fairisle jumper!

10 thoughts on “A bandana for Annie

  1. Oh my goodness, what a classic book! I almost want to buy it just to see the pictures :D. I’ve never put Moo in a jumper. It really doesn’t get cold enough here for her to need it… although I’d love to buy her a pink raincoat. Husband is not quite as enthusiastic though.


    • I have a picture somewhere of Mollie wearing her Great Auntie Daisy’s tartan coat. Daisy was my Mum’s black Lab and lived to the ripe old age of 16! She had a coat for winter and when it snows I make Molls wear it. She doesn’t really need it!! My husband would also baulk at a pink raincoat…..


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