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A new dress for a Sydney wedding

My stepsister is getting married next April in Sydney and my whole family is going. Our relationship is through my mother whose late husband was my stepsister’s Dad. When I say whole family, that’s me and the husband, my Mum, my sister, her husband and my nephew & niece. It’s going to be a big trip as once we’ve been to the wedding we’re off on a big two week tour seeing lots of things!

I had planned to wear the dress I had for my stepson’s wedding, which is a jade green. But then I saw this dress on the Anna Scholtz website:
It was in the sale! They had it in my size! I bought it for £53! It’s arrived! And it fits!!!
It is so pretty in person. The lace is orange and the underdress is cerise pink. All I have to find now is underwear that doesn’t show under it. No probs… What do you bet that costs more than the dress?! I am seriously considering getting some shoes died to match but that *may* be *slightly* too much orange? Maybe some nude or silver ones. We’ll see. Either way I am so pleased with this dress!

And the husband has admired it too and suggested we get him a shirt and tie to match. Tie definitely. Shirt no… I think that might be sliiiightly too much!

I did also get a new dress for interviews (being optimistic) 😄
I do feel like I’ve had a successful time with my shopping. I did try and take some photos of the dresses here but can’t get the colours right so I’m resorting to pix from the Anna Scholtz website.

I really love Anna Scholz designs. If you don’t know her stuff, she designs plus size clothes ranges, her own website http://www.annascholz.com has her designer range and there are more affordable pieces through simplybe.co.uk. I have quite a few pieces from Simply Be but I do keep an eye on the sales from her main website and these are dresses 3 and 4 I’ve had from the designer range. You can completely feel the difference in the material and finish. Plus the sizing is better I think. When I’m rich I shall only ever buy posh clothes. 😄😄

This is the next one on my wish list.
It’s silk. And £389… Maybe if I get a new job I could justify treating myself?!

13 thoughts on “A new dress for a Sydney wedding

  1. I think the silver shoes would work fine, but what fun dark cerise ones would be! Just don’t forget that you have to pack and haul everything. 😦 Love the hubs in a matching tie. 🙂

    Thanks for the website info, I never heard of her, but will check it out, as over here, there is no such thing as a designer for large sizes, and those dresses are cute!


    • You are on my wavelength! Cerise could be fab. If only I could wear a pair of killer heels! I’d end up 6ft5 but it would be worth it.
      She ships abroad from her designer site but she’s expensive (unless it’s sale stuff).


      • I may not be able to buy much from her, but I will go exploring and get her onto my wish list. 🙂 I say dye a pair of heels, as high as your feet and your back will let you wear.


  2. Really like the lace dress but I have to say that £389 is probably more than the total cost of my entire wardrobe! Seriously! It is!

    Oh and as for interviews, there is nothing wrong with being optimistic and if you believe in yourself then others will to!


    • Yes but you only own like two pairs of shoes! I might want it, doesn’t mean I’ll buy it! It’s out of my price bracket too. I think the most I’ve ever paid for a garment would be £70. Maybe £100. And that would be a coat or suit jacket or something. The dresses in the sale are £50 ish which is fine. If I got a job with a huge salary I would consider it just because I like it so much. Though if I did buy it guaranteed it wouldn’t fit 😉


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