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New project enthusiasm!

Last night, post blogging about my sore wrist, I thought back on previous times I’ve suffered and it’s invariably been when using a circular needle. I obviously do something when knitting with circulars that aggravates it. The doctor says it’s not carpel tunnel or RSI but strained muscle. In the picture below if you draw a line up the side of my arm from my thumb, from where my bracelet starts for two inches upwards is where it hurts – and I do have a pronounced muscle there!

So, an hour earlier than I’d normally stop knitting I was done. I immediately started thinking about projects that could be knitted on straight needles. I want to make my niece a cardy to go with the tunic I’ve already finished and I have some Rowan luxury cotton DK in a pretty purple I plan to use. I’d quizzed her earlier about the shapes she likes and established a frill was pretty high on the list of essential elements. So digging through my patterns I found this:
I loved the now discontinued Just Bamboo yarn and knitted this cardy for both my sister and my Mum at different times. The yarn I have, although DK, is pure cotton and will adapt easily to this pattern. Although I’ve done it before, it’s been a while so I don’t think I’ll get bored of it. Plus it’s easy knitting and I think I need a bit of that at the moment.

This is the yarn:
I love the two tone twist in the yarn.

I might even cast on later 😄

3 thoughts on “New project enthusiasm!

  1. in my search for the right interchangeable circular set, I saw that some had cables that swivel, so they are free to twist around while you knit rather than tugging on your hand because they want to twist. That was actually one of the main reasons I ended up choosing the set I did. Have you tried those? That might take some of the stress of the wrist, and I think you can buy them individually as well to try them out first.


  2. I ended up going with Hiya Hiya brand – they make several different styles but I went for the 4″ small metal set. I heard good things about Addi too, but Hiya Hiya was actually more highly reviewed.

    Here’s the set I chose http://hiyahiyanorthamerica.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=906 They sell it on Amazon, but you can’t pick the color of the case. I figured while I do have my favorites, they all look nice enough that I’ll be happy with whatever 🙂


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