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Mollie the model

Last weekend I blocked Trillian and Annie’s bandana and this weekend Mollie obliged me by modelling Annie’s bandana. It isn’t sitting perfectly (it tried to roll) but as she had reluctantly sat up I didn’t think it was worth pushing it…

My nephew turned up about 11.15 to pick up the leaves in our back garden. He’s saving up for a Play Station 3 for Christmas and as I don’t like giving money (and I went a bit mad on his behalf for Christmas in SuperDry on Regent Street back in August) I have said he can do chores for me every Saturday morning. I pay £6.50 an hour, which is close to minimum wage and pretty reasonable when you’re 11. He spent 90 mins with Molls & a rake this morning!
I added the couple of Molls cos she’s so pretty!

I’ve spent most of the day sorting things out, tidying, housework and now I’m going to settle down and finish my sister’s shawl.

5 thoughts on “Mollie the model

  1. Awww, Mollie looks GORGEOUS in that bandana… it looks perfect no her. I wonder if I could get Moo to wear one.. probably not. Is the pattern very hard? I’m only a beginner knitter. My nephews just got a new XBox. My brother insisted they all donate their pocket money towards the cost. They were less than impressed!


    • I think you could get her to wear one as Molls doesn’t know she’s wearing it. The fuss was the photos… If you make it collar width & use a popper or press stud to secure. I used Martina Behm’s 22 little clouds pattern as the base and that’s very easy. Once it’s the right size you could crochet a border on.


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