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FO – woodland green leaf shawl

This shawl has been in progress for 18 months. My sister bought the wool and because she’s an occasional knitter rather than an obsessive one found she couldn’t manage the pattern if she only picked the project up now and again. So she gave it to me to finish. And I haven’t been in the mood until now. I’ve finished it for her for Christmas. D says it’s a bit much to give it to her for Christmas considering she paid for it, but I fully intend to present it to her alongside other Christmas gifts as the time it has taken is a gift itself 😄. It clearly needs blocking and will come out half as big again and the edging will be fluted. image
Mollie has kept me pinned down this morning by hugging my foot. But it meant I finished this! image

9 thoughts on “FO – woodland green leaf shawl

    • Thank you. It is a lovely pattern and I’ve knitted it six times I think. Honestly it is an easy pattern. 8 row repeat. Every even is purl. On the odds there’s some yarn on’s and some slip slip knit’s. I think knitting lace is my favourite type of knitting 🙂 do give it a try!


  1. I completely agree with the sentiment that the time it has taken you to knit that beautiful shawl is a present in itself. After all it would just be a frustaing in complete WIP if it wasn’t for you.


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