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Deramores dilemma…

Today my friend Sam, my knitting buddy, sent me a text message telling me that Deramores (large online yarn emporium in the UK) had 20% off their DK yarns. This was cruel in various ways:

1. I am on a yarn buying ban (self imposed)
2. I am keeping up with my Christmas knitting (and avoiding any semblance of panic) by NOT getting derailed onto new projects
3. I can’t resist a bargain
4. I love buying yarn

After I had sent him a fairly jocular response (it’s a good thing we’re friends!) we then developed a yarn buying strategy that wouldn’t break either my self-imposed ban OR his partner’s desire that he should knit a little bit more of his stash before importing more into their delightful but tiny apartment: we would buy each other what we wanted as a present…

Yes I agree, slightly deceitful… well, possibly more than slightly! You will be pleased to hear that we didn’t do it.

In other news this Christmas jumper (size 1) is enormous. No I didn’t do a swatch so it probably serves me right. It’s going to fit my godson til he’s about 4.

As I type this my husband is on the carpet wearing only his pants (that’s underwear US folks) playing with Mollie. Great.

16 thoughts on “Deramores dilemma…

  1. I am so proud of you for sticking to the goal you set yourself! It would be a tough one for anyone, for sure. But I am impressed with the gift scheme. I definitely would have done that. 🙂

    The fact that the tunic will be too big means it is OK if it isn’t done by Christmas, you know. 🙂 I think I told you, I once gave A a box containing two sleeves,part of a sweater body, and lots of balls of yarn for Christmas. She got over it, and got a nice sweater a week later.

    Is your wrist better, then?


    • Thanks! I was aiming for his first birthday at the end of November so he can wear his Christmas jumper for a lot of December! It seems such a lot of effort for a short wear! I think I’ll manage it. I’m going easy on it because my wrist is ok-ish for a couple of rounds. But although I’m obsessed with knitting I don’t generally knit for more than an hour in total on weekdays. Weekends a bit more but not excessively so. My wrists is an old injury 😄


  2. There will be other sales! That’s what I keep telling myself, so far that is working. Your godson may go through a growth spurt at any time, better to knit a bit bigger than you think he can wear. Two months is a long time for little people.


  3. I got that same email from Deramores, eeek! I have just implemented a new Yarn Buying Plan. I am keeping track in my notebook of every new ball I buy, and every ball I finish (counting it when it’s completely gone). At the moment I’m down 1 ball. My aim is that even if I don’t decrease my stash, I won’t increase it either. 😀


    • I read that wrong the first three times I read it. I thought you meant you only had one ball left in your stash. I wouldn’t like that at all! But good plan 🙂
      Do you use Ravelry to keep track of your stash? I find I am much more inclined to knit from my stash now I can look at what I’ve got all in one place rather than have to root through boxes.


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  5. I agree with Kathryn. Deramores have sales every week so it won’t be long until the dk comes around again. That crafty thinking made me laugh!
    I think little ones look cute in over sized clothes. And four Christmas’s of wear sounds so much better than just the one.


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