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I could moan…

But this holiday is free. We just discovered the beds have sheets & blankets. The cold tap in the bathroom is broken. I just cleaned a suspicious mark off the wall next to my bed. And the wifi only works in the bedroom. Which is fine cos that’s where I am now. D just said we don’t have to stay all week. And he loves holidays.

9 thoughts on “I could moan…

  1. Things will look better in the morning – they always do 🙂 And you get to go see lots of cute donkeys tomorrow don’t you? Which reminds me:

    Claire, repeat after me “We do not have room for a donkey! We do not have room for a donkey …..”

    Enjoy the break and have fun 🙂


  2. Doing some blog walking and found myself here somehow. Bit lost about finding out beds have blankets and sheets; but assume you’re traveling and have not so nice accommodations? Hope things improve. Nice to meet a fellow traveler and crafter.


    • Hello Sandy. Possibly my most random post ever for someone new to my blog to find. It was by way of an addition to the previous one. Yes, where we’re staying for a week is interesting to say the least. I normally talk about craft, though I am just about to post about my visit to a donkey sanctuary. 😄 nice to meet you too.


  3. I hope the beds are comfy at least. This reminds me of my first weekend away with my OH. It turned out we had booked ourselves into a incredibly dated B&B in Whitby. Everything was pink nylon with neon strip lights. There was a shower in the corner of the bedroom with just a partition curtain around it for privacy. The landlord must have mistaken Peter for someone else as he ‘welcomed him back’. He looked at me as just one in a long list of many. Peter swore he hadn’t been there before!
    Hope things improve.


    • No! They’re really bad! We went to Mums timeshare meeting today with a list of 21 things we had a problem with. He looked rather staggered. We can cope with dated decor but bad mattresses and broken armchair backs is not acceptable. However we got him to agree to move Mums last year (runs out next year) to another better resort free of charge. She hadn’t been for a few years (since my stepfather died) and it’s clearly gone downhill. For example of the small things you notice – the pedal on the bathroom pedal bin is broken/missing and they haven’t replaced the bin… Having a good time going round about but not as restful as I’d hoped. 😔


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