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Starting the reindeer!

An update on my godson’s Christmas jumper. I have joined the arms to the body and started the yoke. I am two rows into the Fairisle reindeer motif. 24 more rows to go! image
image A quick question for you – you don’t think the colour is too girly? I haven’t thought so up until just now when I looked at the photos above.

9 thoughts on “Starting the reindeer!

  1. I think the girly is from the shape, which will change once it’s finished. The sleeves have the most girly effect but the deep neck contributes.
    The colors aren’t girly at all.


    • Well, if you are able to translate a baby pattern to an adult one, I can point you in the direction of the Susan Crawford pattern that this mostly is and send you the Fairisle chart for the amendment 😉😉😉


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