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A new crochet project!

When the Christmas jumper was finished I had intended to cast on a cardigan for my sister for Christmas. However lots of in the round knitting has really made my wrist ache and when Nikki of Buzy Day suggested I do a crochet flower cushion like hers and Pia from Stitches & Scraps egged me on too, what else was going to happen but I’d start hooking?! Nikki, by the way, does the prettiest photo montage posts of her work, so if you don’t follow her, do check her blog out.

Back in August I bought a load of Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino in 8 different colours, so I’m using that along with some pure wool in blue and purple to round the colour palette out. I kept changing my mind as to the order the colours would go, so eventually I showed the husband a picture of the Attic 24 pattern, which is the one I’m working to, and asked him to put the yarn in order. He chose this colour pattern: image Starting with the orange on the right in the centre and working outwards.

And this is how far I’ve got. imageI am loving this pattern! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement Nikki & Pia!

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