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FO – and HELP!

Here’s the finished Christmas jumper!
image But I need you advice. It never occurred to me to check that the red yarn was colourfast… It isn’t and the white is now slightly pink in some areas… It doesn’t spoil it but I’m really annoyed by it. Anyone got any ideas on how to resolve it?

11 thoughts on “FO – and HELP!

  1. oh, man I can’t believe in this day and age, someone would sell yarn that is NOT color fast! I am not sure how this would work, but maybe you could knit a little swatch to try it, but put white venegar in the wash water. They use it to set dyes, so maybe it will work on this yarn.

    Otherwise, maybe the sweater will have to be dry cleaned?

    It came out beautifully, of course, I really like it. And I see why you said it really will only do for Christmas – very cute reindeer!


  2. sweater turned out nice! I agree it’s only for Christmas, but I say that more because of the colors than the reindeer…I think in blue and white or something like that, you could use the same pattern for all winter πŸ™‚


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