No more flower cushion!

I’ve got this far and I just don’t like the colours. image It reminds me of a tea cosy my Granny used to have. I absolutely love the Attic 24 one and I really like Love, Lucie’s neutral version, so it isn’t the pattern, it’s the yarn colour combination. It also, I have to be honest, doesn’t go with my sitting room. So I’m stopping, putting the yarn away and moving on. (I should also confess here that I read the pattern incorrectly and have increased too much so I would have to frog it and start again if I did like it!)

Which leaves me with four round cushion pads I bought from eBay in a fit of enthusiasm earlier in the week. They only cost me £10, so not breaking the bank but I will have to find a use for them…. I have this crochet throw out in my sitting room which my friend Sam made for me. image I might try and make a cushion to match it or possibly dig out the Noro I bought a while back to make some cushions! I originally intended to knit square ones, but crochet round ones would work too!

5 thoughts on “No more flower cushion!

  1. re Lucie’s comment, I did see some pot holders made from this pattern on ravelry just the other day…. so it’s a good use for a not quite right blossom.


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