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November guests

Our German friends are here from Friday evening until tomorrow lunchtime. As D had to work last night (he has tonight off thankfully) I got to spend all day with them which is lovely. At 10.30 I loaded them in the car and we headed for Wells to visit the Cathedral. The Cathedral is so beautiful: image But my favourite bit is the delicately painted ceiling: image

We stopped for lunch at The Strode Arms at Cranmore and sat beside the open fire. It’s a typical English pub, does seriously good lunches (nothing fancy, just good quality things like filled baguettes, Ploughmans and Ham, Egg & Chips). We then met D in town. My female German friend and I then went to look at the shops. We both bought a little something in the newly opened Fat Face. I’ve been thinking about knitting myself a lightweight grey scarf for a while, possibly in a lacy pattern. I only just found a cowl that looks almost exactly like what I wanted! image This is the pattern: image My only complaint is the tag, which claims it’s a crochet knitted snood. image There is absolutely no crochet involved in the creation of this scarf. None. The salesboy (sorry but he was about 17) told me there were others if it was faulty when I spread it out on the counter and examined it in detail. He gave me a funny look when I said I was looking for the crochet and tried to tell me it was probably just the name of the product. We then had a chat about the difference between knitting and crochet. He looked rather dazed by the end… 😄

12 thoughts on “November guests

  1. Beautiful cathedral, that ceiling is delightful. I love your ‘crochet’ scarf – ha ha do you think they thought they’d sell more if it were labelled as being both crafts?


  2. Lol, I could almost feel sorry for the poor boy but then he should know that the customer is ALWAYS right! 🙂 I do like the lace pattern though, although I’d probably be too worried about snagging it to wear it.

    What a stunning looking Cathedral.


  3. I see why you take visitors to the cathedral – how beautiful! Love the cowl – crocheted or knit, it is pretty! But i am not sure why retailers have decided all lace is crocheted? I bought a sweater this fall from a catalog – clearly labeled crocheted lace. What arrived was clearly machine knitted. I don’t care what they call it, but I did wonder why…


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