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London with 15 Germans…

So this lunchtime I got on a train with 15 German visitors from our twin town. D chairs the twinning association in our town and should have been the London guide but he has to work, so I was volunteered. I love them all, they are hilarious and great fun and seem to drink beer at every opportunity. D and I are particular friends with one couple who were part of the group, so it was nice to spend more time with them. Once I’d tour guided them to the hotel and we’d checked in, we decided we would head towards the London Eye and see about tickets. In the end we also bought tickets for a river cruise which started just before sunset and finished when it was fully dark. I always think London is so beautiful at night with everything lit up and today on the river was no exception. It was wonderful but verrrry cold!



We then went on the London Eye, here’s me (right) with my dear German friend wrapped up against the wind!

We then hit a fantastic Mexican/Brazilian restaurant in the South Bank called Las Iguanas (they had a separate Vegetarian/Vegan menu! With loads of choices!). I don’t know if it’s a chain, I haven’t come across the restaurant before, but I will be revisiting! Having tested three different cocktails (it was buy one get one free so it would have been rude not to really), with one of the party, I have now retired to my room, leaving most of them in the hotel bar!

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