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Winding woe

Look at this ball of loveliness. imageIt’s easyknits.co.uk Deeply Wicked Pinky and it’s a totally gorgeous fingering weight superwash merino. 400metres of the stuff. However getting the ball has caused me no end of woe. I started with my Sunflower swift and ball winder. image
image But the skein just would not stay on the swift, even though I moved the pegs around several times. No matter what I did it just would not run smoothly. I ended up holding it in my hand and very gently winding it, which was really annoying because what I actually want to do is cast on Glam Shells by Marisa Hernandez as a gift for my friend Christine. I cannot bring myself to wind the second skein though… image Gorgeous it might be but a time consuming task it was. I normally love winding balls from skeins but the last two times I’ve done it it’s been hideous!

7 thoughts on “Winding woe

  1. I’m with you here — just wound my second ball ever on my new ball winder. Without a swift, though, the tension is so loose that my yarn cake looks like it will fall apart any second! Don’t blame you for not wanting to do the second skein.


  2. Some yarns are like that, aren’t they? BUT! Claire, that is just such a beautiful looking yarn! I love the color variation in it, it is going to be gorgeous when it is worked up.


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