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Acrylic WOE

Owwwwwww D decided to bleed the radiator in the pink bedroom today. Something broke and sprayed the room with hot water. And right in the way of the water was my acrylic stash. And my other stash, luckily in a VERY LARGE (haha) waterproof plastic bag. Oh and my dirty washing but that doesn’t come into this story. šŸ˜„

Back to the acrylic. It was absolutely soaking wet. I decided rather than chuck it in the dustbin (my first inclination I will be honest) I would tumble dry it. I just chucked it into two pillowcases and stuck it in on low heat. 90 minutes later it was dry. What hadn’t occurred to me was the potential for the balls to come unwound…


This one looks ok, but…


… this is what it looked like underneath!


OK, so after I had wound up as much as I could, this is the collateral damage. I am not spending valuable knitting time untangling acrylic!


17 thoughts on “Acrylic WOE

  1. I would sit an unravel it šŸ™‚ That’s only because I could not bear to throw it away also though looks like a fun playground for cats šŸ™‚


  2. Ooops. So, as D has damaged so much of your stash, albeit by accident, and thus it can not now be used, I think it’s only right that you should be allowed to replace it šŸ˜€ (I really do need the wicked devil smiley for this replay ;))


    • Resigned I suppose rather than amused…. As for the Ā£200 estimate of my stash, I have no idea really. That might cover the amounts I have to knit up into garments but then again, it might not. I’ve also got loads of single balls and bits & pieces. My pride and joy is my kid silk haze bag where I keep the half balls I have in 15 or so colours for small projects. Try replacing that!


  3. If A knew the value of the closet in the craft room, she would do more than blanche! He is strong. šŸ™‚ But that is a shame to lose yarn you were saving – but how good that it is ‘only” acrylic, and that your niece can use it. Maybe, though, it would keep her entertained on the long flight if you asked her to untangle it for you. šŸ™‚ And yes, I think it might be a time to suspend your rule, long enough to replace the volume lost.


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