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A little confession

My niece wants a Christmas jumper which I am delighted to knit her. Just one problem, my ginormous stash has no suitable colours in it (unbelievably). So, a little trip to my local yarn store found me these chunky yarns: image

My brain can’t cope with any more fairisle so it’s going to be a Santa cardigan using this pattern: image It’s King Cole pattern 3628.

And here’s the back. It’s chunky yarn so I whipped it up in no time: image

So as far as the yarn ban, it’s ok if it’s for a gift, right?!

Oh and I know that I haven’t indicated what I’m going to do with the purple and gold. The purple is also for a cardy for my niece. The gold I bought because I could not resist it….

6 thoughts on “A little confession

  1. hey, that is simply ADORABLE! I might have to steal the idea for my niece, who turned seven today. As for the gold, I believe that you deserve a present for suffering through the sorrowful loss of all that yarn earlier. πŸ™‚ And who knows? You MIGHT use some of it for a gift to someone, right? πŸ™‚


  2. Please do steal it! It’s a simple cardigan in chunky – I think you need chunky because of the way the tinsel knits up – with 10 row ribbed bottom, neck & edges. I think I might add the gold to J’s purple cardy… Plus I might crochet some wrist warmers in red & white.


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