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Chunky knitting bonanza

My Mum just told me that my niece has all but grown out of all of her handmade cardigans as she’s having a growth spurt! It is a source of pride in the family that she doesn’t have any not hand knit knitwear… So far…. She’s only 8 and a half, but her Mum, my sister, is 6ft2inches and my Mum and I are 5ft10 (well, Mum used to be!), which is on the tall side (!), so she’s tall and she’s got the sturdy family shape too! So she needs some cosy cardigans (she doesn’t really wear jumpers) with a 28inch chest. Luckily I followed the 28-30 inch chest size when I was adapting a pattern for the Little Miss Santa cardigan. Equally luckily, I am currently obsessing about chunky knits! I know I have two shawls to finish for Christmas but I am not worrying about that! So last night I cast on this cardigan in a purple chunky King Cole acrylic:


My niece gets excema so most of her cardigans are in good quality acrylic wool mixes. I’ve also dug out this lovely lot and will have some fun doing a bit of mix and match to come up with something interesting! I’ve got four balls of white King Cole Galaxy chunky and three in a deep pink colour and two and a half of the presumably discontinued blue and silver Sirdar Zanzibar.

I’m thinking the same pattern as the Little Miss Santa cardigan, but with white Galaxy and the Zanzibar on the bottom edge and cuffs only….

What I love about chunky knits is you whip them up in no time and you know you can manage two or three in quick succession! Makes my Ravelry page look more impressive too!

And finally, I bought some buttons today. Some are for my navy blue winter coat, to jazz it up a bit and the pink ones are for the purple cardy above:


3 thoughts on “Chunky knitting bonanza

  1. I think your task to keep her in hand knits is a great goal! But for your sake, I hope she stays small for at least a few more years so that you can keep up. 🙂 Love how the purple knits up – and I also love chunky yarns. Fast AND cozy.


    • Yes she won’t be getting too many knit in 4ply! But chunky knits up quickly. I suspect she’s going to be a big girl. Certainly tall! And she’s incredibly pretty. Her paternal grandmother was apparently a model and she’s looking like she could go down that route. My sister did some modelling in the early 90s when the androgynous look was all the rage, but she’s striking rather than pretty. When I have my range of children’s knitwear (LOL) I shall have her model for me!


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