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Knitted bears

I have followed the Mad Man Knitting blog for as long as I’ve had my own blog and I admire Gregory Patrick’s attitude very much. I also love the bears he knits and wanted to support his business. So, way back in the summer I ordered a couple of bears for Christmas, one for my niece and one for my godson Isaac, and promptly forgot all about them. Today I had a missed delivery card from the postman and scratching my head wondering what on earth it was I went to the sorting office and picked up a box that said it contained two teddy bears. Woohoo! Mollie and I walked home and while D made dinner (!!) we liberated the bears. How CUTE are they?



20131127-190945.jpg I am so pleased with them. And I know that the lucky recipients will be delighted with them. If you haven’t checked out Gregory’s blog please do. And if you can see your way to adopting a bear you won’t be disappointed.

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