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Sizing disaster

A week or so ago I finished Little Miss Santa for my niece. I knitted a size 9-11 which was supposed to be a 29inch chest when finished. J is a tall child and her chest size is 27-28inches so I thought it would be on the large side for her and last for a few Christmases.

Except I didn’t actually measure it when finished, nor (and yes this is a sin) did I knit a test square. I just whipped it up according to the pattern and was pleased with myself for getting it done for the beginning of December.

I gave my nephew (navy blue with Scandi style patterning, more his style than a hand knit, Β£10 from Matalan!) and niece their Christmas jumpers today. The cardy was so large on J it was ridiculous. We measured it and discovered it came up as a 34inch chest and my sister, who is that size, promptly put it on….


20131130-145809.jpg Ok, so it doesn’t fit my 6ft2inch sister perfectly, but it’s not bad…

My niece, who can be temperamental, was actually remarkably stoical. I’m taking her out later to see if we can buy her one, if my sister doesn’t find one in Trowbridge on their shopping expedition today, and I have said I will make her one that fits properly for next year. I said to my sister that I didn’t want to try and knock another one up before Christmas as that would mean the couple of cardy’s I am hoping to finish for J that are not season specific won’t be done, and she will definitely get more wear out of these ones than a Christmas one.

So all in all a minor disaster but resolvable and quite nice because my sister is delighted with her new cardy and intends to wear it for the last week of term (she teaches in an FE college)!

And the moral of the story? Tension squares and checking the actual measurements…

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