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Christmas bunting

After yesterday’s trauma of the badly fitting Christmas cardy, this morning I’ve enjoyed finishing my Christmas bunting ready to hang over my mirror as soon as starch spray has been acquired and applied!


I’ve written some Christmas cards (I’m aiming for 10 a day and then I don’t get bored or annoyed with it!). I also started preparing the sitting room for the tree and it’s Christmasification. I had to wash the big red throw as it smelled of Molls (Niiiiice!!!) which begs the question why I didn’t do it before I put it away last Jan 6? I have no idea. It is currently drying in front of the oven as I would really like to put it on the sofa tonight.

It is staggering how many knitting & crochet projects I have tucked away under the table beside where I sit. Recently the bags have crept out and round the table! At least they get tidied away once a year…

I have also finished the crochet decorations for my tree. They are also waiting for a little starch though I think they’d be fine without.

Once I’ve finished the Preparations in the sitting room I’m going to settle down to some serious work on the Earth & Sky shawl which is my only outstanding Christmas gift. (As you can see from above, yet again I’ve got distracted by crochet!)

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