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Christmas has arrived chez Mollie&Claire

We live in a small house with a fairly small sitting room which could probably do with a minimalist approach to decorations. However that is not at all my style. Firstly on Sunday I covered the sofa and armchairs with soft fleecy red faux fur throws and dug out my two new Scandi style cushions:


20131205-214050.jpg As you can see from the picture above, I’d persuaded D we didn’t have enough fairy lights ๐Ÿ˜„ – he got into the spirit and bought a great long string of outdoor lights to hang down our back fence!

Although I had got out Mollie’s Christmas collars:

Added a flashing reindeer to my coat:

Bought lots of tinsel:

Bedecked quite a few of the picture frames with said tinsel:


And been given a bunch of non Christmassy but very acceptable flowers with glitter by D

20131205-214557.jpg we still hadn’t got our decorations and tree out of the attic. This evening had been agreed on and while we were getting ourselves ready, Molls made herself comfy on the sofa:


She stayed there while the tree was being assembled and decorated as that was the place she was least in the way! So while D was in charge of replacing dead bulbs, putting up the icicle lights in the window ๐Ÿ˜„ and vacuuming the upstairs of our house (don’t be too impressed, he forgot an entire bedroom and half the bathroom – I’ve called him Arfur all evening) I had brilliant fun picking the decorations I wanted to use for a red and white theme. I had considered going for full on Scandinavian style but I would have had to buy a complete new set of decorations as everything I own at the moment is sparkly or shiny! I had bought some small wooden ornaments and those, combined with the ones I had crocheted, and my existing ornaments made the tree look fabby. Here’s my little fairy D bought me the year we got married:

The top of the tree:

My favourite bauble:

And the tree! Ta-dah!

Now I imagine you will find it hard to believe that this is restrained for me. But it is! Last year you literally couldn’t see any green. 6 sets of lights. Totally over the top. I loved it.

Back to this year, we got out the stockings:

Mollie’s Reindeer:

D got out his Lilliput Lane Christmas ornaments. He loves the stuff and I can’t stick it which is why his entire collection now lives in our attic… However I buy him the official Christmas ornament every year:


20131205-220627.jpg he hasn’t got his 2013 one yet (Christmas Eve) but there’s one there for every Christmas we’ve been married! Plus he puts them on the table in front of his chair and I can’t see them from where I sit… Win win all round!

Then, after all of that I got round to starching my bunting and hanging it up! So, with another ta-dah here it is!

And my lovely tree & bunting together!

Small room but I fit a lot in. ๐Ÿ˜„
Knitting posts should resume tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Christmas has arrived chez Mollie&Claire

    • Thank you! I’ve just been reading your blog and I love it! Mollie just gave me an ‘it’s Sunday morning Mum, keep it down’ look when I laughed out loud at the ‘Eat a box of chocolates’ instruction. ๐Ÿ˜„


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