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New crochet project

I’m a big fan of crochet and although I’ve made large blankets, I’ve never made a garment… Until now. The best crochet book I own is The Complete Photo Guide To Crochet by Margaret Hubert, which is the book I go to when I need to learn or understand a stitch or pattern. It’s American, which probably explains why I find it easier to follow American patterns! In the book there is this delightful child’s cardigan:

Which I am making for my niece, in part to make up for the debacle over the Christmas jumper! Here is the yoke before I joined it to do the body:

And the current status:

A close up of the shell pattern:

This should be quite a quick project. Hope so as I’ve found a couple more cardigan patterns on Ravelry I’d quite like to make for my niece when this is done!

9 thoughts on “New crochet project

  1. Never crocheted a garment. I would love to though as I am faster at crochet than at knitting. I think crochet lends itself more to childrens clothes. I’ve yet to come a across an adult pattern that I would wear.


  2. I have only crocheted baby sweaters, and they look much the same as what you are working on – just tinier. They sure work up faster than Knitting. love the sparkly purple!


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