One of the joys of reading other people’s blogs is picking up ideas and having a go at it yourself. I had discovered pom-pom makers on the Attic24 blog a while back but it wasn’t until Lucie of the lovely Love, Lucie blog wrote this post that I considered using them as parcel decorations…. Now I am hooked. This is one of those easy and effective little yarny touches that just adds zing to a parcel. Mollie photo bombed my picture!


Is this a present for a CAT Mum?!


And here’s the picture I was actually trying to take:

20131222-083753.jpg Incidentally my friend who owns my LYS said that since the pom-pom makers appeared on Kirstie Allsop’s show they could have sold twice the extremely large amount they’d ordered in! I have two at present – a one inch and three quarters of an inch – the extra small set – but I do know my lovely husband has bought me some for Christmas too!
2014 truly will be pom-pom-tastic! Actually the end of 2013 might be! Sam and I are getting together tomorrow with the express purpose of making pom-poms!

8 thoughts on “Pom-pom-tastic

  1. I saw Lucie’s post as well and have been thinking about decorating packages with them – they are so pretty! I love your wrapping paper, too – it looks like it would make a great fair isle design. 🙂 You Brits get much nicer stuff than we do, I have to say. Fabric, paper, crafts on TV – if Iever come over again, I will have to bring a few empty suitcases.


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