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One dog and her boy

D’s son, his wife and 4 year old son are visiting for a few days. It’s been really lovely; we’ve had a second Christmas (including dinner and gifts) and spent lots of time visiting with my family. It’s a source of pleasure for me that our respective families are happy spending time together. One of the highlights of the visit has been D’s grandson’s interaction with Mollie. He loves her so much that last Christmas his parents bought him a toy black Labrador known as Toy Mollie and he calls Molls Real Mollie! This visit he has spent a lot of time walking around the downstairs of our house calling (sometimes shouting!) ‘Mollleee’ and pointing out key appliances he thinks she should be aware of. For example: ‘Mollie! That’s Grandad’s Toaster!’ Molls just follows him around, wagging her tail, often with a toy in her mouth. They also lay on the floor together. Here they were yesterday.


Holdings paws…


Doing high 5’s!


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