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New Year Snowflakes and a little knitting.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had decided to take part in the iMake blog’s Snowflake CAL. The first two patterns were posted yesterday and today while the rest of the family were in Bath I had a chance to practice one of them! I have decided to do each one first in a chunky yarn with a 5mm hook (in this case lilac chunky Galaxy) and then redo them in size 10 crochet thread, in off white, on the hook size recommended in the book. That way I get two sets. 😄😄

So this is my first stab at no 4, Spring Snow.


I would have also done a trial version of the second snowflake, but everyone came back before I could and the last time I saw my 5mm hook was in my 4 year old grandson’s hand… My stepson, his Dad, did check his backpack so I know it hasn’t left the house, but there are oh so many places it could possibly be… This wouldn’t *normally* be a problem as I have a whole pencil case full of crochet hooks. Except it is currently missing in action ever since I moved all my WIPs to put the Christmas Tree up. No doubt they’ll turn up, but in the meantime I had this hook which I’d taken out of a project bag! Oh well. I’ve just ordered a cheapish metal set from Amazon with some small sizes in that I don’t have yet. They’ll be here in a week at which point I will resume crocheting snowflakes unless my crochet hook case turns up in the meantime.

The good news is that no crochet hook has forced me to get on with the High Line Cardigan and I’ve now finished the back:

As soon as I’ve finished this post I’m going to leave the husband to the Steven Seagal film he’s currently indulging in and cast on one of the front sections.

In other news, I’ve also decided to take part in the lovely Knitting Sarah‘s year of knitting socks. Her post is here. It’s a really great idea – no number of socks to knit, no pressure, just committing to do a little bit of sock knitting every day from 15th January 2014 – 14th January 2015. I’m signed up. I love hand knit socks but really don’t enjoy knitting them. Doing a few rows every day should see my sock drawer fill up pleasantly!

I now feel organised mentally on the crafting front. Let’s see how long it lasts!

The guests left today. The boy announced he was going to miss Mollie and he would be back on Tuesday…! Tomorrow we’re going to pack the Christmas decorations away for another year, do the washing and clean the house. D is back at work tomorrow night and I’m back on Monday morning. I need to mentally get back into work mode!

I’m going to leave you with a pic of Mollie and the boy playing jigsaw puzzles…


6 thoughts on “New Year Snowflakes and a little knitting.

  1. love the snowflakes, and so glad you are also doing the sock KAL. I have been wearing my few pairs of socks everyday, and I can see I need more, especially if this cold weather is going to keep up all winter. I am a real fashion plate at work these days. 🙂 Sounds like yoru house is as topsy turvy as ours is, and we had no children to explain it! I hope the hook shows up, I want to see more flakes. Of the crocheted variety. Had enough of the real variety!


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