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More snowflakes!

The husband found the 5mm hook! It had been posted into his Kindle case 😄
Then I found my crochet hook case – in the front pocket of my work backpack. Goodness knows how it came to be there!

So, after we’d cleaned and tidied up after our guests; after we’d done loads of washing; after we’d taken down the Christmas decorations and stowed them in the attic; after I’d been through my 336 emails received since Boxing Day(!); after I’d made sure that all the meetings for the six organisations I belong to were in my diary and heaved a sigh at only one serious clash; after D and I finally decided on the trips we want to do when we visit Uluru in April; after I’d walked to the sorting office and collected a parcel from America (for Mollie!); after I’d read some blogs and faffed about, I finally settled down and did the second snowflake in the iMake CAL.

Here is no 7, Droxtal:

I crocheted this one in chunky lilac Galaxy on a 5mm hook:


And this one in Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Degrade fingering/4ply (though it feels thinner) on a 2mm hook:


Obviously both need blocking but these are great fun! Can’t wait for my crochet yarn and teeny weeny hooks turn up!

7 thoughts on “More snowflakes!

  1. wow! You have been busy. Glad the boy put the hook somewhere sensible, and that it finally was found. Pretty flakes you are making. I love the ones with the sequins.


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