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Crochet achievements!

Good evening! I’ve had a very pleasant day today! Mostly it has to be said sitting on the sofa watching Agatha Christie murder mysteries and crocheting!

The first good thing was finding pictures I took on my husband’s iPad on New Year’s Day of my niece wearing the glittery purple cardy. It’s a little large on her at present but she shouldn’t grow out if it for a bit! image

She also really likes it which is brilliant!

And this evening I finished my round Noro crochet cushions, including the backs, and sewed them together three quarters of the way round before giving them to my Mum who has said she will add the zips:

20140104-230258.jpg I could sew the zips in myself but I am not particularly brilliant with a very little needle so I’m getting the pro on the case!

I have also stuck the cushion inside them just for a look and they look great! Can’t wait to have them on my sofa!


One more day before I’m back at work. Wonder what I can achieve tomorrow?!

Oh and I can’t resist sharing this pic of Mollie:

20140104-231811.jpg A friend from the US had sent her (us!) a Christmas parcel, which arrived late, and the majority of the contents were for Molls…

15 thoughts on “Crochet achievements!

  1. cushions and cardi look great – my littel niece would like a purple anything! She got purple snow pants, hat, mittens and snow shoes this year, and was in heaven. She is probably the ONLY person in my family still loving all of this snow.


    • We’re getting the other end of those storms that have been dumping snow on you (!) only they’re heavy rain by the time they reach us. Here in Somerset, The Levels (the low lying bit) is badly flooded and even in the town we live in, which is 400ft above sea level on The Mendips, our river has flooded several times. Luckily we’re not near it, but flooding is horrible for those whose homes are affected.


      • oh, I am so sorry to hear that! Once they “head out to sea” our weather people never report on them again, but it makes sense that they make a bee line for you. Sorry ot hear about the flooding – as you say, it is devastating for those whose homes are underwater. What a mess. I hope things calm down soon, although we are in for it tonight, I guess. So you have a couple of days until your nexxt storm.


      • We’ve been very stereotypical this last week as the first news story is the weather on every report! We’re getting reports on the US weather as well our own πŸ˜„. Our back garden us literally mud, with water lying in puddles but I’d rather have that than the frozen ice you have. The worst thing that could happen would be for the direction of the weather to change. If we suddenly got cold north air with snow, the water soaked ground will freeze and I imagine that will be far worse for farmers etc. anyway, back to work tomorrow worst luck!


      • I hope things have calmned down over there! We have had nothing unusual this week, since big rain on monday. More big rain Saturday, but not snow!!! It is cold again this week, but supposed to warm up tomorrow. We are getting so “old” watch the weather forecast each night and morning. πŸ™‚


      • Well we watch it morning and evening but we’re British and weather is a national past time. If you want to see what it’s been like here, google ‘Muchelney’ and read the BBC article about the floods. It’s a village that has basically been turned into an island! About 20 miles from here.


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