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A Sunday of knitting

This morning, in anticipation of starting Knitting Sarah‘s sock KAL on the 15th, I dug out the wool I want to use; two balls of Rowan felted tweed and my 3.25mm KnitPro DPNs:

I’ve never used these DPN’s – a couple of Christmases ago D bought me a fantastic set of KnitPro DPNs in sizes 2, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3 and 3.25mm – as well as portable boxes to keep them in when they’re not in their pouch!

I also pulled out my unfinished Cookie A Hedera socks. I’ve finished one and am half way through the second. According to my Ravelry page I started them in June 2011!


I don’t know why I’ve been so anti socks recently because going back 3 or 4 years I knitted quite a few pairs. I have one lonely green sock waiting for its pair as well!


So, with the KAL in mind I turned the heel on the Hedera socks and picked up the stitches all the way around the gusset. I am going to do a little bit everyday and hopefully finish before the 15th when I’m going to cast on for the Churchmouse Classic basic sock which is the first CAL pattern!



I’ve also done a little bit on the left front of the High Line cardigan and cast on a cute little cardigan in Sirdar Simply Recycled for my niece. I like to have different types of knitting to do, so it isn’t unusual for me to have three or four projects on the go at the same time. Both of these are planned for the next few months!


And finally, I am very pleased with my new tidy knitting box. Normally under the table beside where I sit on the sofa is stuffed full of bags of knitting projects. I had to move them when I put the Christmas Tree up and then I was given a lovely basket for Christmas… So rather than bring everything back downstairs, I put the current projects I’m *actually* working on in the basket and it it under the table (and stored everything else tidily away with the stash!). See how tidy it looks!


And the inside. I love it! The only thing not in there is the white cardy, which is in my knitting bag πŸ˜„


Anyway, back to work tomorrow 😫 which I’m not looking forward to. I’ve enjoyed spending a lot of time with Mollie and my yarn. Oh and D and the family too of course!

24 thoughts on “A Sunday of knitting

  1. glad that yoru single socks will be getting mates! I cast on a pair of socks tonight, in anticipation of the KAL, and bought a whole pile of yarn on line Friday. Lol this might not be a stashreducing KAlL… but I will have lots of socks. πŸ™‚


      • I welcome lovely socks but I truly do not need any shoes. Earlier in the year I found a really comfy pair and then discovered they came red, black and cream as well as the blue I already had. And ordered them… I’m five years post broken ankle but I must have comfy shoes. D approved and they weren’t outrageous but still. No new shoes for quite a while!!


      • lol OK, I guess you don’t need new shoes! A is two years post broken ankle, and she will bearly wear anything that doesn’t lace up and brace her ankle, like low hiking boots.


      • Because of where I broke mine, low cut shoes are fine (but not high cut!) and I prefer flat boots to anything. Fitflops in the summer are good too. Basically flat and comfy. Goodbye fashion shoes!


      • I think she just doesn’t trust it! But I am glad you are able to wear lower cut shoes – most women would not want to wear what she does every day – I know I wouldn;t. I don;t do heels, but I do love different shoes for different things or outfits.


      • not good! A has a plate and screws on the outside bone of her ankle, so she likes a little bracing there, but it has to also have a cushy element. She’s high maintenance in that regard. πŸ™‚


      • Not nice. Mine wasn’t even plastered. I know exactly when I broke it because of the intense shot of pain (turned ankle over when out walking) but thought I’d sprained it. Hobbled round for 3 weeks and it was only because I was off to Australia that D insisted I saw a doctor. I had chipped the sticking out bone in the ankle. It moved when he touched it!! And because it hadn’t been plastered and I was flying, it wasn’t plastered, I just had to have a stretchy bandage and be reeeeeallly careful! Saw a physio for a year afterwards. It wasn’t a serious break at all – all of the serious damage was ligaments.


      • that does not sound fun! I am such a wimp, I would have gone to the doc sooner! A broke hers when we got locked out on our second floor deck. She jumped, it broke, she crawled around the house to get in, crawled throught the house to let me in, then crawled all the way back out to the car, and I drove her to the hospital. She had surgery on it that night. My stepfather calls the deck “Lovers Leap” πŸ™‚


  2. Turned my first heel last night!
    A whole Sunday knitting? Sounds like heaven.
    Love your knitting box.
    Will it still look like this in a couple of months?
    Back at work today for me too. I have so enjoyed the break.
    Looking forward to the sock KAL!


    • Well either knitting or thinking about knitting or updating Ravelry. It was amazing.
      I think you and I both know the tidy box/ tidy under the table/ tidy house won’t last but I’m going to enjoy it while it’s here!


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