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The blanket of guilt…

18 months ago my lovely Mum, who is a brilliant knitter, but not a crocheter, told me she’d like a crochet blanket. I’d willingly agreed to make it before I established what she wanted… She asked for a lightweight (ie made from DK or thinner) blanket, double bed sized. I said ‘no problem’. What was I thinking? I am never monogamous with projects and therefore they take longer. I like new and different patterns to stimulate me and this is straightforward ripple… Plus EACH ROW takes 32 minutes at top speed. And I crochet faster than I knit. ARGH. But I’ve said I’ll make it and I want to finish, particularly as I feel a bit guilty as it’s the only thing Mum has ever asked me to make, so perhaps, like the sock KAL, I’d better commit to doing a little bit each night (for some reason it has always lived in my bedroom and is my bedtime project if I feel I need one…). I think I’m between a quarter and a third the way through it. I’ll try and remember to report on it in a month or so… Here it is.

It’s obviously a lot wider than the bit shown… The colour that looks like mustard is actually a nice green.

19 thoughts on “The blanket of guilt…

  1. Oh, I know what you mean about big projects. And for some reason I have more trouble with “striped” crochet blankets than squares…. Personally, I reckon that’s pretty good progress for 18 months 😀


  2. Wowee, it is going to be amazing. I understand about the guilt thing, but there is no need to feel bad about it, I’m fairly sure your mum will understand just how much time and energy goes into such a huge project – and the monotony can be exhausting! You will get there, I look forward to seeing it progress 🙂


    • Mum is a knitter and she’s knitted me (a plus size) a 4 ply jumper so she certainly does understand patience and huge projects! I will post if I’m feeling in need of support, I’ve really appreciated the support today. 😃


  3. The blanket is a pretty special piece of work, no doubt mum will understand about how long it took when she see’s the love and devotion gone into her lovely bedspread


  4. make yourself some mini goals. Finishing the whole blanket is daunting. Let’s see, each color stripe looks like it’s 3 rows (not counting green) and each row is a half an hour…maybe commit to doing 1 color stripe every 2 days – that’s much less overwhelming, right? and best of all you can reward yourself every time you meet that goal!


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