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Today on the needles…

First up the newest project. I wanted to knit Stephen West’s Solfar for my brother in law (at his request) but I’m still on a yarn buying ban (self imposed) plus one of my New Year’s resolutions is to reduce the stash… So, I had a rummage today and came up with 10 balls of King Cole Sundae that I’ve had for YEARS. They date back to before I became a yarn snob anyway as the yarn is 100% nylon and not exactly delicious to knit with. But as my brother in law has an issue with wool and he just wants this for at home to wear when his back is bad (he has a scoliosis), I thought it might do for a first iteration, to see if he likes a poncho as much as he thinks he will.

The pattern calls for Aran weight yarn on 5.5mm circulars. However, although I thought it looked like an Aran weight, turns out Sundae is a bulky/chunky yarn. I think it’s because it goes thick and thin. Nothing daunted, as I am in many ways the ultimate bodger when it comes to crafting, I just cast on using a 5mm circular instead. I reckon it’ll turn out roughly the same size…. Plus I don’t have a 5.5mm circular it turns out!


The only other projects I have on the go (as in they are downstairs being actively worked on as opposed to upstairs stored away and officially hibernating on Ravelry) are the High Line cardigan which I am half way through the left front:


And the little Simply Recycled cardy for my niece for Easter, which I’ve only worked a little on:


I’ve slightly amended my plans for January – March; I’ve decided to make my niece a cardigan she can wear on our visit to Australia, so in a cotton mix rather than Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino; my cushions are finished, the other projects are cast-on. The only other change is rather than prioritising finishing Cordial, the super-chunky cardigan, I’m going to make my Mum a cardigan in a lightweight cotton, again for our trip to Australia.

Upstairs the blanket of guilt is getting a little bit done on it every night (apart from last night as I was too tired!) and this week I will cast on a pair of socks for the KAL. Really, all is good with the world. 😄

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