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Trowbridge, Beckington & The Voice

This morning I knit a little on my SockswithSarah KAL socks; as you can see I’ve bought a 3.25mm Addi 20cm circular, which is really small but perfect for socks. I’ve decided to make these socks quite short; the length of the socks I normally wear, so I’ll be turning the heel pretty soon.


I LOVE knitting with Rowan felted tweed!

I then got myself together and headed off to Trowbridge, which is a market town just over the Wiltshire border from where I live. I tend to buy most of my clothes etc online but I need tights for early next week, so no time to buy online, and only one shop – Evans – does them in the right size and length for me in the area. Trowbridge is the Wiltshire County town and it was really really busy this morning. However not only did I get my tights, I also saw a lovely summery dress in a daisy print that I couldn’t resist!

I then had to go on a hunt for a cash machine as I’d seen a market stall selling nice throws (D had commented that for my Noro cushions to stand out I’d be better having a plain coloured throw on the sofa rather than the crochet blanket) and of course it was a cash only stall I wanted to buy from the day after I’d used up the cash I had buying coffees! The search for the cash machine led me to the Post Office, which just *happens* to be opposite Fabric Magic, a wonderful shop selling fabrics (bet you didn’t guess that!), notions, patterns and with a good yarn section upstairs. The previous time I went there I spent a lot, half of which is still in my stash (!) but today I wasn’t in the mood. Everything I picked up I thought about my existing projects, so after five minutes I came away! I don’t feel brilliant it has to be said, but I even surprised myself!

So I went and picked up my throw, came home and glammed up the sofa:

20140118-220401.jpg I know it isn’t on very tidily but you get the effect I’m aiming for!

This afternoon we went to Beckington for a political meeting. My boss (an MP) is retiring and the party membership are in the process of choosing his successor. It’s a serious business and needs to be fuelled by coffee, tea and biscuits. I had offered to help, and in the end, served the tea and coffee. My nephew and niece, who came with my Mum as they’re staying with her this weekend, helped hand round (and eat!) biscuits, and wash and dry the cups as they were handed back. I was really impressed how helpful and good natured they were and generously offered to give them a pound each. Get me, the generous auntie! Duty done, D insisted on joining some friends in the pub before we came home, which truthfully, I could have done without.

So it meant I was only just in time to see the start of episode 2 of The Voice, Season 3. Now, I might have mentioned last year that the lovely Danny was a big part of why I watched it… I’m having to get used to the new judges but I like them. And while I watched the show, I knit on the poncho. It’s already giving me wrist ache (I always seem to get wrist ache with circulars) so I might need to give it a rest tomorrow and do something else. I’m happy with the way it’s growing.


So, today was rather busier than I like for a weekend, but ultimately productive. Tomorrow will be a day of catching up with the housework and knitting!

13 thoughts on “Trowbridge, Beckington & The Voice

  1. Hey, D is right – that throw makes the cushions really pop! I am proud of you for resisting more yarn – whether or not oy ufeel brilliant abotu it. πŸ™‚ I hope you get a good solid day of rest, with sock knitting, of course. I think it is a great idea to get a really short needle for socks, I will be looking for one. I use two circulars instead of dpns, but your solution is even better.


  2. Slightly misread your lead & thought you had heard a voice lol, I have never watched his program due to being either at The Workplace, or letting Beloved share the telly remote … πŸ™‚ love the tweed yarn πŸ™‚


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    • I’m ok with the sock circular as it’s tiny, and you don’t hold your wrist differently, but the cowl one is really hurting my left wrist. I find knitting in the round very tiring for some reason, and it definitely seems to be because of how I hold the needles.


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