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Stitch markers!

I promise this is the last post from me tonight! Got home this evening to two parcels. The plain brown envelope had these gorgeous things in them:

20140121-195926.jpg D bought me some smaller ones of these from Atomic Knitting for Christmas. I recommend them highly as they have no weight and don’t catch on things.

And the second purple envelope had this inside:

20140121-200200.jpg I’d started opening it before I decided to photograph it!

And inside were these beautiful stitch markers I ordered from Crafty Cat Knitty Bits on Folksy (if you click on the link be sure to visit Lucie’s shop too!).



And Crafty Cat is on Etsy too!


I am utterly delighted with this little lot and they were very affordable too.

Update! I just found this little extra package from Crafty Cat in the wrapping as I was clearing up!

20140121-203155.jpg yay!

9 thoughts on “Stitch markers!

  1. Pretty! I must get some more stitch markers… I tend to shed them like cats shed hair, then they disappear (hoover? house gnomes??) and l am reduced to using yarn scraps or paperclips. I like the simplicity of the Atomic Knitting ones…!


    • Yes I lose small ones unless I’m REALLY careful! I love the Atomic Knitting ones; my husband actually discovered them when he bought me some for Christmas! But on a bigger project (I’m knitting a poncho in a chunky weight) you need the less delicate ones. I have some cute owl Atomic ones (courtesy of hubby again!) and these Crafty Cat ones. I like all of them. 😄


  2. Pretty! Crafty Cat does beautiful beautiful stitch markers – I always buy from her. I love the ones you’ve bought from her. And her markers are very strong, given the amount of abuse mine have taken without breaking.
    (I know this sounds like an advert but I promise nobody is paying me to say this!)


    • Haha – well I’m not either and I was being pretty fulsome in my praise! Btw I can’t believe I happen to be online as your comment came through, that’s never happened to me before blogging!


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