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Emergency knitting kit…

I had to go to London again today; I prepared my bag, including my knitting last night, because we had to leave at 7am. I sat down on the train, opened my bag and realised my knitting wasn’t there. No, it was sitting on the arm of the chair at home, where I’d put it when checking I had my portable phone charger… My Facebook post just sums up how I felt:


As knitting is what I like to do on the train, my quiet concentrated time, I have to admit I was pretty annoyed with myself. I determined that as soon as my meetings were over I would get a taxi across the river to iKnit London, just behind Waterloo station, the closest independent yarn store to where I was. So mid afternoon I arrived there. If you haven’t come across this store before, I totally recommend a visit or checking out their hand dyed yarn online. I initially picked up a pre-wound ball of yarn but the really helpful and smiley woman in the shop said it would be no trouble to wind a ball from a skein if I wanted. And I wanted! So I chose a yellow skein of their hand dyed superwash merino sock wool with a sparkle thread through it and picked up some 2.5mm birch DPNs.

So when I was on the train home I took a picture of my emergency knitting kit!

20140123-223014.jpg I picked up the cute badge for my friend Maxine who owns my local yarn store too.

And so, here’s my 2014 knitting on trains #3! Using the Churchmouse Classic pattern:


9 thoughts on “Emergency knitting kit…

  1. I totally understand that awful feeling when you have a long commute ahead of you and no knitting… I used to commute around 3 hours a day and the days I left my knitting behind were definitely more stressful!


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