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No, I am not friends with 4am. I don’t do early mornings or seriously late nights anymore; let’s qualify that, I never ever have been an early morning person and staying up (out) til dawn is a country far far away lost in the mists of time. So why am I awake? I’m being treated for a chest infection using steroids and antibiotics (sounds a bit OTT but I’m a bad asthmatic so it’s par for the course…) The steroids are amazing in one way because my usually quite blotchy and excema prone skin clears up a treat. But the downside is they make my metabolism race and at 3.30am I woke up hungry, even though I had a late dinner at 9pm because I’d been at a council meeting… Now, I’m a plus size and although I’m definitely in a just like who you are and don’t worry about it phase I could do without wanting to eat at odd hours. I tried to ignore it but I had to give in and I’ve just had my breakfast! I’m knitting some rows on my new socks before going back to bed:


Mollie always starts the night upstairs and invariably migrates back to her cosy bed downstairs at some point during the night. Earlier, I found her cuddled up with her teddy!

20140124-044141.jpg I think that is seriously cute.

13 thoughts on “4am

  1. Are you sure you didn’t photoshop the teddy in with Mollie? Such a human looking pose.
    I hate lying awake at night. Once or twice a week I lie awake for 2 or 3 hours with the lists of things I want to do, buzzing around in my head. Sometimes you just have to get up.


    • Mollie should send him one from her overstocked toy box! My husband moans it’s like having a child that never puts their toys away and constantly picks them up & puts them away. It particularly amuses me when immediately after he’s done it she rootles in the box for something at the bottom, tipping everything else out too….! Personally, being a lot more untidy, I’d leave them where she drops them!


  2. Lovely picture of Mollie – my greyhound often puts a paw around/over something he’s decided he should own. It can be anything from a slipper, a dropped tissue or a ball of wool. It’s best not to leave knitting out as he’ll grab that as well – never chews it, just wants to own it.
    Loved the post about emergency knitting. I would have been tearing my hair out.
    Hope you’re feeling better!


    • Thank you! I’m a lot better. Mollie is quite gentle and doesn’t take things but she likes attention so sometimes a heavy Labrador paw on something delicate isn’t too helpful 😉 heading over to your blog now. Hope there’s a pic of your chap on there!


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