Introducing Ollie

When my first rabbit Arnold died six months ago, we tried matching Flora up again very quickly with another male rabbit. It sort of worked and then they had a massive fight and she came home alone. Because our Flo is a tricky bunny, quite opinionated and stroppy, we were worried she might have to remain an only rabbit, which is not, of course the best way for rabbits to live. As we were due to go away last week I asked Mairwen from Cottontails Rescue (where Flora is from originally) if she would try matching her up again. She agreed and said she’d like to try her with a rather large young lad she had had in for a couple of months. It was love at first sight. She loves him and he adores her – she likes him much better than she liked Arnold too… Here he is:



He’s a one year old lop x chinchilla and he weighs 4.5kgs! Definitely a cutie pie! His ears make me laugh as they stick out rather than flop down like full lop ears do.

16 thoughts on “Introducing Ollie

    1. Thank you! He is rather fab. I’ll try and get some more but he’s much cuter in real life than pix. He’s clearly not the brightest as he’s already got himself stuck inside a little wooden house they’re supposed to sit on rather than in…


      1. WordPress unfollowed you for me twice. I have told it off. So if you get a load of messages saying I’m following your blog it’s not because I’ve unfollowed & changed my mind! Goodness knows what’s going on.


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