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Tenerife & socks

Most January’s D and I spend a week or two in Tenerife. Seven years ago we set out to visit all of the Canary Islands; we started with Lanzarote, then Tenerife and have never moved on… While of course we both love the sunshine, it’s more than that about the island – we love the dry climate (perfect for my asthma), are endlessly fascinated by Mt Teide, the highest mountain in Spain, love the difference between the lush north and barren south; the majesty of the cliffs at Los Gigantes and the black gravel beaches. We almost never visit the tourist hotspots, preferring to strike out from Golf del Sur, the quiet ex pat & timeshare dominated area where we stay to the bits of the island where real Islanders live. Plus we find plenty of time for sitting about. So rather than write about my holiday, I thought I’d share some photos:

The view of the resort from our balcony:


Knitting on my Socks with Sarah Churchmouse socks on the first morning, sitting on the balcony:


The view across to the sea!


Knitting in the poolside restaurant…


D high above Los Gigantes on his birthday with the eponymous cliffs behind him!


Trying sock 1 one for size:


Sunset on the beach at La Montana Roja:






Cast on 260 stitches for a lace shawl. Knitted three rows (the pattern requires you to reduce two stitches per row til you get to 18 stitches…), realised I was never in a million years going to finish it, so frogged it…

20140203-231129.jpg then cast on for a lace stole…

D photographing Mt Teide from the beach:


Back to socks… Socks on the beach:



The resort at night:


Socks by the pool…


Both socks finished just as we had to leave to go home!


Knitting on my secondary holiday project!


A lovely holiday and I am now officially addicted to socks!

10 thoughts on “Tenerife & socks

  1. What lovely photos of both the socks and the sunsets. Ahhh sunshine, that would be most appreciated what with all the rain we have been having of late 🙂


  2. Oh, how nice to sit by the pool with your sunny knitting. You know how to vacation! I like the bright yellow socks, and the rainbow stole is going to be really pretty. I’d have frogged the shawl as well, or wished I had. 🙂


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