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Two lovely surprises

I’ve had a long day that started at 5.45am and included an 8 mile drive to the nearest big station, two trains to Birmingham, a four hour meeting of an organisation I chair (so I have to concentrate the whole time), two trains home, another 8 mile drive, and an hour smiling at people who belong to an organisation my husband is involved with and for whom he’d organised an international themed dinner. Frankly the last thing I needed was to take part in a quiz about French towns, but I smiled, sold raffle tickets and thought longingly of my bed!

Now my meeting was excellent and productive and while there was some problems with the trains, I can’t complain as it was because of the Somerset floods. I live in Somerset and I’m lucky I live at the top of a hill. (If you haven’t seen pictures, I can only recommend this incredible article.)

I got home at 9.30pm, D dropped me off on his way to work. I had a cuddle with Molls and discover I had two parcels waiting for me!

A while back I entered a competition on the iMake blog (highly recommended) to win something from Made by Ewe. You had to visit the Made by Ewe website and say what you’d like and why… I had completely forgotten about it so you can imagine how pleased I was to receive Martine’s email telling me I’d won! AND the parcel from Linda at Made by Ewe arrived today!

Look at this!

It’s a kit to knit your own sheep wearing a jumper with hearts on!

Everything needed is included:


Check out these gorgeous needles!


I think it is absolutely adorable. I shall save it for when I really need a pick me up project. These kits would make perfect gifts for the knitter in your life. Do go and check out the Made By Ewe website, I know you’ll love it.

A couple of days ago Sparkly Shoes Are Faster posted this blog. The yarn just made me drool. I loved it instantly and immediately clicked through to Old Maiden Aunt yarns to get myself a skein.

What I really like is the reason for creating the yarn which is called ‘Nothing to Hide’.
Please read Old Maiden Aunt’s blog post about it here; it just about sums up my feelings about the Winter Olympics – I love watching the games but equally I am hugely uncomfortable with the anti LGBT stuff going on in Russia. So, I paid my £15 (of which £5 is being donated to Stonewall) on Thursday evening after reading Sparkly Shoes post and it arrived today! That is amazing service!

And here it is:



I love that I have a numbered skein; each one is unique, like a work of art!


Thank you so much Sparkly Shoes for your post which lead me to discover another fabulous hand dyer! And thank you Old Maiden Aunt for a glorious skein delivered super fast; and thank you Martine of iMake blog and Linda of Made by Ewe for my prize.

Now THAT is what I call a good evening!

7 thoughts on “Two lovely surprises

    • Well, I am on a yarn buying ban but I felt I had to make an exception – gorgeous yarn & good reason to buy it! If I were to adventure to visit you at Canary Wharf, what times work for you in your work day? I have some trips to London coming up but some are time limited so I’d rather just suggest days that will work for you too 😄 – hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. I’m about to brave the Somerset weather to remove the rubbish & branches that have blown into my garden and sort out my bunnies. But I’m waiting for my sister to get here to meet Ollie cos I won’t hear her knocking on the door if I’m in the garden and she’s late. Really late. Which she always is! Argh.


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