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February snowflakes part 2

Today I tackled the more complicated one of the Snowflake CAL patterns for February. This was no 69, Plane Dendrite

First in a Galaxy chunky on a 4.5 mm hook:


Then in crochet cotton on a 1.9mm hook:


And here they are together so you can see the difference in size!


I also did a version of Ice Crystal 2 in the Galaxy Chunky:


I did this last one as I want a Galaxy version of each one as I have an idea of attaching all the Galaxy Chunky ones together to make a blanket. Maybe. We’ll see! Here it is with the small cotton version:

I have to be honest, I’m not massively happy with these. I don’t think they’re as good as other ones. I may do them again…

So that’s my iMake Snowflake CAL commitments done for February. I am FORCING myself NOT to join in an Afghan crochet along (making a 12inch square every 2 weeks to make a large blanket) I saw on the Moogly blog as I have waaay too many other WIPS (including the blanket of guilt and an owl crochet blanket) to make/finish.

Now, I must do a little sock knitting to meet my Socks with Sarah KAL daily quota!

17 thoughts on “February snowflakes part 2

    • I have a vague idea of only putting snowflakes and white lights on my tree next Christmas or sewing them onto red cushions… I will probably change my mind 10 times before then! I’m enjoying it because it’s a challenge to my crochet skills! The Galaxy ones I’m hoping to connect together into something!


  1. The cotton snowflakes are so delicate and utterly beautiful, as to your other WIPS what is your blanket of guilt it sounds very intriguing 🙂


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