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Lots going on

I haven’t posted a lot recently because I haven’t actually been doing a lot of crafting. I’m super busy in my work life (I include being a school governor in that although obviously I don’t get paid for that work) and apart from my crochet snowflakes at the weekend I haven’t done any crochet or knitting apart from my daily sock knitting. And on a couple of occasions that has been three stitches just so I’ve done some! No, I fib, I knitted one row on my sister’s ribbed cardy and started sleeve two of my niece’s summer cardy (six rows) last night. The blanket of guilt has been completely abandoned again. I feel like I haven’t had a holiday!

Mollie seems to have spent more time at Mums than at our house!


Things have NOT been improved by discovering I’ve put on a stone in weight since before Christmas. I have to shift this as my dress for the wedding in 6.5 weeks fitted me a stone ago. I’m large anyway but I find diets very challenging as as soon as I diet I want to eat things I never normally eat. But needs must. I cannot not wear this dress. So, the next few weeks are going to see me eating lots of hearty soups and lentils…

12 thoughts on “Lots going on

  1. So depressing to have such a need for weight loss at this time of year!
    I hate dieting as I get so grumpy with inexplicable hunger which seems to arise even though I have just eaten. When I need to, I up my protein a lot (stops me from getting hungry) and cut back on the carbs, especially at night. I have a good amount of protein at every meal esp breakfast, lots of eggs and lean bacon. And lentils or chicken or fish/prawns in my veg soup.


  2. I’m not seeing your photos!!!!! have I pressed something I shouldn’t have ????? I’m also a veggie I find it’s not what I eat but the amount of exercise I do that helps in the trimness wars, if you can knit & crochet like a goddess, losing a few pounds should be a within your realms of capability ;-D


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